This production house website is a content agregator and network of creatives

Beyond the portfolio model, Mixer's website was imagined to act as a community of creatives and a recruiting tool.

Client: Mixer films (

My roles: UX Designer, Project Manager, Content creator


The Challenge

Mixer is a production house based in Sao Paulo and famous for its awarded advertising films, TV series, and feature films. The company is part of the holding ETC. Participações, alongside other video production companies. Looking to position themselves as an innovative production house in the segment of audiovisual and connect with other creative workers, Mixer searched for a new way to establish their online presence.

The Outcome

A new institutional website that would showcase not only Mixer's reel and directors but also introduce a community session for non-staff members share their portfolios. By allowing users to create their profiles under the Mixer's community, the new website sparked connections and conversations among professionals of the creative industries. The site also worked as an aggregator of the conversations happening on social media, potentially helping recruiters to spot talents and connecting content creators with their audiences. 

My Process

After chatting with Mixer's stakeholders, including the artistic and sales directors, I pitched the vision for the new website. Once they gave me the green light, I started designing the information architecture and wireframes.

That was the first project I remember being responsible for the interaction design. I wasn't aware of any available tool to articulate hierarchies, screens, and flows - which probably were not many around 2010. I made a powerpoint presentation including a simple schematics for the Information Architecture and screens made out of prints taken from different components in various website.

A Frankenstein wireframe: examples of hierarchy models and mockups made out of pieces from different websites I used as reference

The resulted document looked like a Frankenstein, but it was sufficient to explain the structure to the stakeholders and the third parties hired for working on the visual design and coding. Design studio Hardcuore and the software house Plimx respectively were the final appointed partners for the project and managed by me over the production phase. 

A community of creatives

The same page model used to showcase the portfolio of Mixer's famous film directors could also be used by makeup artists, set designers, and any other creative professionals involved in audiovisual production. Even non-staff member could showcase their portfolios after creating an account. 

The portfolio showcases images, audio and video, pulled from Flickr, Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo after the account owner authorized Mixer's API access to those social networks.



Example of profile page showcasing the portfolio of one of Mixer's film directors.

Mixing the content in a visual board

The homepage is a mosaic of content links highlighting trailers, promos and posts from the official blogs of current productions, staff and  member of the community profile pages, reactions on twitters, and podcasts.


A snapshot of Mixer website home page

Screen recording used in a presentation for the website launch


Software Development by Plimx

Visual design by Hardcuore



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Edson Soares

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