A music service that allows users to preview the musical offerings of events happening in the city where they are living or visiting

My roles: UX Design, User Research, Software Developer

Date: Spring 2016

Have you ever visited a new city and wondered where you could find a music scene that fits your taste, or original sounds with local flavor? Maybe you’ve been frustrated after spending money at an event where the music was awful. Mixgogo was designed to help users hear the music they like from events in the cities they are in. It provides samples of actual musical performances organized on a calendar of upcoming events that coincide with the user´s stay in a given city.

The problem with city guide and event listing website interfaces is that they mimic the architecture of a news portal. They privilege text and images and force more curious users to click many times to find an audio or video preview. In some cases, users have to search on Google, YouTube, and Soundcloud to find video and audio content. Mixgogo applies the streaming dynamics of webplayers to an event listing page. It puts music as the first hierarchical layer when announcing an event or venue.


User Research

In total, 48 potential customers or partners were interviewed as part of the user research. Promoters, music lovers, venue owners and PR representatives were questioned about the challenges of discovering new music, finding accessible live events, and promoting events. During the interviews, people were also asked to react to A/B tests using high fidelity mockups.


Functional Prototype

After implementing some of the feedback from the interviews, the functional prototype allowed users to perform the basic actions of a minimum viable product:

1) browse through events by date;

2) preview audio tracks from the artists performing at the listed events.

Next steps

Moving forward with Mixgogo, I would like to test some mobile features, such as personalized recommendations with short audio samples, that could use machine learning to improve the accuracy of recommendations. I would like to try geolocated playlists that, in large scale, could offer a music map of cities.



Before receiving the name Mixgogo, the working title for the project was SQNTA, a reference to the portuguese term Esquenta (warm up in English). At this point, initial wireframes were designed only for mobile screens. After rebranding the project in 2015, the desktop version was prototyped.

Wire _ Mobile


Logo by Ricca Porto

UI design & User Research w/ Namira Abdulgani



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