Hi, I'm Edson. I am a multi-disciplinary designer and storyteller. I was born in Brazil's midwest, spent most of my adult life in Sao Paulo, and am currently based in New York.

As a designer, my work focuses on problem-solving and the development of digital products. In my current position as UX Designer at IBM, I create design systems that help other designers and developers build advanced applications for IBMers. I am the founder of the design consultancy Feel Science, which helps cultural organizations create desirable interactive experiences. Previously I acted as UX researcher for Capital One, Design Lead at the Brazilian commerce company Lua and digital project manager for the film production company Mixer.

As a storyteller, I am the director of the documentary "Sneakers - Stepping into Urban Culture" (2008), which was selected to premiere at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo) and was featured in various film festivals in Brazil.




My journey on becoming a designer of digital products grew from working on content and communities earlier in my career. It started at the University of Sao Paulo, where I received my bachelor's degree in journalism. My curiosity and passion for storytelling led me to France to participate in Lyon II University's program in Editorial Management and Web Communications. I returned to São Paulo where I helped Flickr and the Blue Man Group in their international operations and developed a growing interest in interaction design. Later he moved to New York, where I received my Master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP). At ITP, I experimented with the possibilities offered by new technologies in the areas of media and storytelling, creating experiences in the form of 360º video, site-specific art installations, and social performances in the public space.


More than a profession, designing digital products is my vocation. I am enthusiastic about creating experiences that go beyond their primary problem-solving raison d'être to provoke positive human emotions. My cross-disciplinary background has given me the ability to turn abstract ideas into concrete applications, like the ones showcased in my portfolio.


Edson Soares

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