A bookmark service that helps people easily collect and organize their wish lists

Roles: UX Design, Project Management, Pitch 

Date: 2011

Created with the purpose of changing the way people make purchases and find local stores, Weeshh was a social network and crowd sourced catalog of products. Shortlisted for incubator 21212 (21212.com), it had a functional prototype used by a group of 200 people.




Weeshh was initially thought of as a tool to crowdsource “cool hunting." With so many bloggers writing and posting pictures about products and lifestyles, I imagined a way to aggregate this content in a single database that could be later used for forecasting trends.  

As Pinterest and other bookmarklet tools gained popularity, I prototyped Weeshh as a browser plugin and web platform. After installing the plugin, users could start collecting images of products from different sources of e-commerce and blogs.


Final iterations

Although the project was retired after the tests for lack of funds, I still worked on a cleaner design for the public version of the website and started the mobile version wireframes.



Developer: Cleiton Fermino

Filming: Marco Nalesso

Colaborator: Leandro Costa

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