Intranet and project management tool designed for filmmakers

Streamlining workflows from research to post-production for a film production company

Client: Mixer films (

My roles: UX Design, User Research, Project Management

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Project management and team collaboration are tasks that become progressively challenging as a team grows and activities diversify. The routine of producing a film has the same issues, along with the peculiarities that are exclusive to the film industry.  ETC Intranet is a private network created to serve the film production companies inside the holding ETC: Mixer, CB Filmes and Pan Filmes. The system provides tools tailored for the film production workflow, allowing official staff and freelancers to search and share information.

The main section, Jobs, aggregates information and files from ongoing projects during their entire production cycle: the research papers, pre-production guidelines, post-production, and launch phases. All materials related to a project are aggregated in its related Jobs page, in an organized and accessible manner.
The ETC intranet also offers a wiki section, a check-in tool to track freelancers´ working hours, a chat window, and a video player to preview all previous productions from the archives.

My Process

With around 200 official employees and an extended network of freelancers, the biggest challenge for the ETC holding companies is the communication among its diverse staff members. To design a custom-made tool to facilitate their internal communications, I interviewed people with various roles in the film production scope:
Phase 1: Open ended interviews with different people, from the CEO to the film editors, mapping the difficult points in their daily tasks and communications
Phase 2: Wireframing
Phase 3: Second round of interviews using printed mock ups and A/B tests
Phase 4: Layout
Phase 5: Software development

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In the section, Jobs, all the information regarding ongoing projects is available to the different teams involved in the video production flow, such as research, pre-production, production, post-production, and PR.


In the section Poltrona, users are able to stream the catalog of TV shows, films, advertisement spots, including old productions from the archives. This allows staff members to be aware of all the content being broadcast, even if they are not involved in every project.


Software Development by Plimx

Visual design by Hardcuore



Selected projects

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MixgogoHelping Music Lovers to Discover New Sounds and Attend Events, based on Location and Date.

Times Square Eletronic GardenInstallation | Graduate School Project

Breaking InShort movie | Graduate School Project

Don't Call This UsMusic video | Client: Aaron Pfeiffer

Solar Power ManPerformance | Graduate School Project

Communion360º video | Graduate School Project

DiscontrolInstallation | Graduate School Project

VogameInstallation | Graduate school project

MixerThis production house website is a content agregator and network of creatives

WeeshhWeb app | Self-funded venture

Flickr NightsContent & Community

Sneakers - Stepping into the urban cultureDocumentary | Self-funded Project

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