Don't Call This Us

A trip of colors for the single Don Call This Us, by singer Aaron Pffeifer

My roles: Creative Direction and Film Editing

Date: Summer 2016

The single Don't Call This Us by singer Aaron Pfeiffer was filmed using colored lights, projections, and body mapping with the Kinect.

Following an interview with the singer, I envisioned the videoclip with a chic, clean, and sexy style. We wanted to play with color tones and reference the track's club feeling. 

I purposely chose to avoid post-production effects, pushing for a more low-tech aesthetic. Simultaneously, we applied technology in the form of mapped projections to fill in the space and give the idea of expansion and multiplication.



Using Max MSP for visual programming, I created a sketch that mapped the body of the singer and applied different textures during the projections.


The different reflections of the singer were made by feeding the projector with live images from a hand held camera. When aimed toward the projection canvas, the camera created an infinite mirror effect. The combination between the stage lights and the camera´s automatic exposure adjustment created different gradients.


Aaron Pfeifer – “Don’t Call This Us”

Alessandro Mella

Kelly Maya

Sergio Mora-Diaz

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