Imagined for house parties, Discontrol is an interactive disco ball controlled by a glove embedded with sensors

My roles: Creative Direction, Eletronics and Assembling, Software Development

Date: Fall 2014

Discontrol is a reinterpretation of the classic disco ball. It combines a suspended mirror ball surrounded by an acrylic ring of LEDs and a glove. To control remotely the disco ball, the user has to wear the glove.

As soon as one wears it, it starts tracking the person´s heart beat which is mirrored by brightness variations in the LED lights. This means the disco ball will pulse in sync with someone´s pulse. A second sensor located at the palm of the hand triggers changes in the RGB values. The idea is that if the controller claps, the lights change its color.

2014-12-16 11.06.43
2014-12-07 16.49.42-1

Made as part of the course Physical Computing at NYU's Interactive Telecommunication Program, Discontrol is a prototype. Its circuit includes an arduino, a motor shield, a stepper motor, and two LED strips. It was created as a device for house parties and amateur DJs.


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